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Femme Defenses was founded in 2014 by Tim & Andrea "Andy" Tolbert to fulfill a need in the marketplace for education and products for non-lethal self defense. Both Andy & Tim are NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, but also believe that every situation doesn't call for that level of defense. After looking around for information on products to present in their classes, they found that there was actually very little useable education available and started working on bringing the first Safety Soirée™ to the market.

In January of 2014 they announced their plans to 2 of their networking groups and the rest is history! Femme Defenses showcases our products in an educational party that we call a Safety Soirée™ in your home or office. Schedule a Soirée today or inquire about becoming one of our Field Agents!

Thank you for taking a look at Femme Defenses to serve your family's safety needs.

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