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Zombie Deluxe Defense Kit
Zombie Deluxe Defense Kit

List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $54.90
Sale Price: $54.90
Savings: $5.10


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Defense against Zombie Attacks*

I know that the team at Femme Defenses is excited about the return of The Walking Dead for another season, and we know lots of you are too, so we've put together some product packages based on extensive research (unfortunately no actual zombies were available for product testing).

Since a stun gun works by disrupting signals between the brain and muscles, a zombie can be stopped by the electric shock of a stun gun. However, humans take time to recover because the pain doesn’t stop immediately after the current stops. Zombies won't have that problem. So in a zombie defense scenario, you must use a stun and run tactic.

The primary effect of pepper spray and Mace is to cause your mucus membranes to react. They will gag, their eyes swell shut, mucus will come from everywhere and they may have trouble breathing. I think the most effective part of pepper spray or Mace on zombies would be blinding them. However, if it’s the type of Zombie that needs to breathe, it would reduce their ability to breathe and therefore reduce their ability to chase. Do zombies breathe? Well, we really don’t know, do we?

*Also works on robbers, rapists, purse-snatchers, stalkers, animals and other unwanted advances.

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